Grief and Gratitude. We Get Both/And. (Includes Downloadable Family Devotions)

Life was rolling at a fast pace. Then life stopped and we were living in what we’ve only seen in the movies—a pandemic. Life has now adjusted across the board. Or is still adjusting.

Then we started watching change happen so suddenly. Finally the majority has come to see the systemic racism that is still in place. While this is long overdue, change is disruptive and that is uncomfortable. We get this necessary uncomfortable in the midst of a pandemic with a virus that cannot yet be explained by scientists.

There is a lot going on. We haven’t been here before. We are experiencing grief and we are experiencing gratitude. Because despite all of the discomfort there have been many memories we will be forever grateful for.

The thinking error is believing we can’t have such innocent joy moments with so much death and pain happening in such big ways. But we can. We can feel the grief and the gratitude.

Conversations need to be had. Difficult conversations, maybe. Your teen needs to talk about this thinking error about joy as well as some other thinking errors such as the one that talking about race is racist and, therefore, that is something that should be avoided.

I’ve written a family devotion downloadable series to help with that–to talk about the grief and the gratitude. As a family, as a family devotion time, you are being invited to take the moments to grieve what has been lost and to be grateful. We get both/and.

Included in this download are four grief activities and four gratitude activities appropriate for tweens and teens. This gives you one grief activity and one gratitude activity to do each week for the next four weeks. Or over these summer months as we’ve adjusted (or still adjusting?) to this new normal.

Each of these are do-able as a family. Whether it is a family with one teenager; a family with a tween, or a family of mixed ages. Instructions are included. Supplies will be very likely already in your home.

We have a saying here at Bravester.

In the midst of all of the weirdness of this pandemic time and all of the change and all of the discomfort, beauty is still happening. The Holy Spirit is definitely moving. Beautiful conversations will be had with your tween and teen. Lifetime memories are being made–together.

And the beauty of God seeps out.


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