Meme Truth to Share to Encourage You to Make Those brave Decisions to Change Your Path

There is the life we want to live. Then there are the short cuts and justifications we make because we don’t want to feel the pain to get to the life we want to live.

The brave life comes from brave decision to brave decision to brave decision. It is one after another after another. Eventually it does become easier to make those brave–and right–decisions. It becomes easier to choose hope and the struggle that comes with that over the easy choice to numb the pain. Or to live in those excuses one more day.

Faithfulness is not a onetime act, not a decision or a destination, not something to eventually be attained. Faithfulness is what we repeatedly do. It is a habit formed of long, hard obedience in the quiet.

Faithfulness can be a word that describes you.

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A small book about being the people that hurting people need.

“This is the book that I wish I had had for people in my life that have suffered and needed me to be that compassionate friend. This is the book that I wish others in my life had read before they dismissed my pain, or compared it to theirs, or stumbled horribly through trying to lessen my pain because it was actually really about THEM not feeling comfortable with it.”

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