Memes to Share About Faith Being Brave

Faith and bravery do go together. Because life is a broken road of faith. It is hard. It is bumpy. The road is not straight. The road is not even. It is definitely broken. Yet amazingly you are still moving down that road. There is not a failure too big to take you off of that road. That road is made up of the stories of your brave decisions and your failures all carried together with the unfailing love of God who pursues you through it all. God defines love as a pursuing force that is not dependent upon your response back. God is going to continue to pursue and love anyway because he is love. This is the Truth.

With God you have a chance to know that you are loved—supernaturally loved—therefore you are worthy and valuable and that God is personal with you. You are not alone on this brave and broken road of faith. You are an overcomer.

I define bravery as your decisions to actually trust God. That is full of vulnerability because with God there is not the guarantee of the controlled outcome you want. So you make small, deliberate tweaks to your thinking because you choose to give God more credibility than everyone else.

Brave faith is the real. Brave faith inspires others. Is brave faith your story?

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