Memes to Share About the Bravery of Vulnerability (As We So Hate the Exposure of Vulnerability)

Everyone is brave these days. But is everyone leaning into their vulnerability? Or just powering over because vulnerability is so…vulnerable? You can’t have bravery without vulnerability.

I define bravery as your decisions to actually trust God. That is full of vulnerability because with God there is not the guarantee of the controlled outcome you want.

With vulnerability comes the possibility that you will have your heart smashed. This is a 100 percent possibility. God is always faithful. That is also 100 percent. God always redeems our pain.

I can’t imagine being brave without the comfort of a relationship with God. Of knowing that God is for me, even as vulnerability has smashed my heart. I’ve had people call me stupid for having a faith in God. I can’t imagine this life–this brave life I’m living–without God.

So brave one, here are memes for you to pin everywhere to remind you that “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.” –Dr. Brene’ Brown, Daring Greatly, p. 37 (You will notice a lot of Brene’ Brown quoting here because of her research on shame that revealed all of these truths about vulnerability.)

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