Memes to Share About the Hope of Pain.

Brave decisions are made by those who are not afraid of their pain.

What a true statement that doesn’t make the pain go away. Living wholeheartedly means that pain is your beginning. Healing rarely comes without pain. Pain so often feels like the end of something, probably because something did end. It is the brave who can see this as the beginning…and that the other side of the pain will be a grand brave story.

Even this truth doesn’t make the pain go away. Your life simply hurts. You are not alone in this pain. You are joining the many of us who have broken-hearted bravery.

Spread the hope of pain with these memes. Invite your people to not be afraid of their pain. Or to hide in their pain. Give them the truth.

Read the book

A small book about being the people that hurting people need.

“This is the book that I wish I had had for people in my life that have suffered and needed me to be that compassionate friend. This is the book that I wish others in my life had read before they dismissed my pain, or compared it to theirs, or stumbled horribly through trying to lessen my pain because it was actually really about THEM not feeling comfortable with it.”

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