Memes to Share About “The Real” of Bravery. Because It Will Involve Your Broken Heart.

I define bravery as your decisions to actually trust God. That is full of vulnerability because with God there is not the guarantee of the controlled outcome you want.

With this vulnerability comes the possibility that you will have your heart smashed. This is a 100 percent possibility. God is always faithful. That is also 100 percent. God always redeems our pain.

I still choose a brave life.

A safe faith says “I know you are omnipotent so I will feel helpless while I wait on you.” A brave faith says “here is my cry and here is my anger and here is how I feel. Thank you for blessing the godly.” It is our decisions of bravery that defines us.

I still choose to make these decisions. God has never failed me. I have always survived, grown, and become more beautiful. Because beauty comes when your decisions of bravery define you.

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