Resolutions Schmesolutions

It’s almost that time again, a new year! Time to put aside the old and create new! Time to look at your goals and create that ever updating, ever mocking, ever reminder of falling short, never lasting, New Year’s Resolution. Or is it?

My mom and I used to make New Year’s Resolutions together, sometimes they rhymed and sometimes they worked for her, but never seemed to work for me. For example, we were “Gonna lose weight in 2008” and “Gonna get organized in 2009.”

I’m not sure where the idea come from, but starting in 2013 I decided to switch it up a bit and do a “focus word of the year” instead of a resolution. It had to be a positive word that had “action” to it or a “forward motion” feel. I was nearing the end of a long divorce battle so I chose the word “Overcomer!” This is also the year Mandisa’s song “Overcomer” came out on the Christian radio station and seemed as if it was my theme song.

The next year was easy because it was also a Mandisa song, and having my divorce completed and behind me I chose the word “Stronger!” I knew my 2014 would be a year of growing in faith and strength as I navigated the world as an “official” single mother.

I chose the word “Move” for 2015. It had multiple meanings because I wanted to move my body more and feel healthier. I wanted to continue growing in my new path as I moved on. And I wanted to be on my feet financially enough to move to a home of our own, as my three children and I had moved in with my parents for a while. In August of 2015, God provided a wonderful rental home, just two streets away, and we MOVED! What a feeling!

For 2016, everything seemed to be falling into place, and I moved again from the rental home to a home I purchased. I wanted to focus on lining up my life and new home and I also rediscovered a passion in a car hobby (Ford Mustangs), so my word related to both as I chose “Alignment” for that year.

For 2017, I’ll admit, I chose the word “Create” but I never fully embraced that word. It just didn’t stick. I wanted to create my home to be a certain kind of space and be creative in my business and with my kids, but I wasn’t sure what that looked like or how to go about it, so that word fell flat a bit.

Since 2017 seemed a little weak so I went all out with a strong word for 2018! “Badass!” I looked at all the things I wanted to accomplish in 2018 and I knew it would take a “badass” mindset to move in that direction, even if I didn’t complete them all. For one, I was a single mother–with a car hobby–and I wanted to have a mustang rebuilt! With a mortgage and three kids, a dog, a demanding business, I knew it would be a stretch, But I’m happy to say, it’s close. The car is almost done with a major rebuild and the kids and dog are still alive and thriving, haha!!!!

I’ve never had a word come to me so soon for the next year as it has this year. My word for 2019 very clearly came to me last week as the word “Prepare!” I’m not sure what exactly I’m preparing for, but I’ve never decluttered more and I have a handyman coming to fix some items I’ve been neglecting at home. I’m more ready for this word than I think I can be. I’m all in on this word already.

Some tips for your focus word:

  1. have it in front of you somewhere (laptop background, Facebook banner)
  2. share it with friends to help hold you accountable
  3. remember there’s no right or wrong way to pick a word! It’s your word and your year. If you have to change it in the middle of the year you haven’t failed, just tweak and keep moving!

Good luck and happy 2019! Happy…that’s a good word!

Jessica Miller, single mother of 3 adorables, owner of 2 Ford Mustangs who is also an overcomer, is stronger, an aligner, a mover, a creative, and a badass

Note from Brenda: Jessica’s 2019 began. In the middle she fell in love. She thought she was preparing for a new marriage but learned that love is not enough for a relationship to be a good match. She ended the year moving her and her family into a new home. 4 years ago she was living with her parents. She prepared and now owns two homes.


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