There Was Supposed to be a Wedding Tomorrow

There was supposed to be a wedding tomorrow for one of my graduated teens. He was in this relationship for 5+ years. He asked me to be a part of his team. I grew to know his girlfriend. I rejoiced with her when she decided to become a Christian. They got engaged a year ago after much preparation. There was much rejoicing. The wedding date was set for this weekend. Premarital counseling was done.

Yet he still felt the need to cancel the wedding. After the dress has been purchased. After the flowers have been purchased. After the caterer has been paid for. Etc. Etc. Etc. He cancelled the wedding inside an 8-day window before the wedding.

He has his reasons and I support his reasons. I particularly support him making this brave decision when the momentum might have caused him to not listen to how God was leading him. I cannot imagine the amount of holy tension he has been in to make this brave decision. He wrestled with that holy tension, stayed in the discomfort of it, and made a major decision. This is brave.

There are broken hearts all around. To love puts you at risk of being broken-hearted. This one hurts a lot. And I’m not her, the jilted bride. Pray for this dear one who is worthy of being loved wholly. She is a wonderful treasure.

On Saturday there will be party for his friends and family. The food has been paid for.

On Sunday my grown teen starts finding his new path for his life. On Sunday my beautiful jilted bride begins to heal. Both will love again. This next time without compromised souls.

Love is hard. Love is risky. Love is vulnerable. Love draws you to try again. There is no failure here. Just brave living that led to some real pain. Be brave. There will be a happy ending.

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