Unspeakable Joy…….

Earlier last year I heard the phrase “Unspeakable Joy” and I just loved it.  I don’t know what it was about it that just made me smile, but I am pretty sure it didn’t have anything to do with thinking about loss.  I imagined it being something that caused so much joy, you just didn’t have the words to describe it.

There’s been this video floating around the internet and Facebook which I thought was so very touching…..(you mind need a tissue).

Oh my goodness, when I saw it I had tears in my eyes.  Her response is true “Unspeakable Joy” isn’t it?  Such gratefulness and love coming from that sweet little girl.  You can’t help but just cry right along with her!

But what I noticed at the beginning of the video is that it says she lost her cat and her best friend.  She lost something so deeply important to her, that no doubt her parents saw the ache in her heart over her loss.  Because of their fierce love for her….they wanted to mend that broken heart and restore the joy.

I remember so well sitting with my dad in his last moments and feeling such great sorrow.  I was getting ready to lose something so special and yet, there was unspeakable joy in that sorrow.

Because in that moment…..He draws near in a way that we can’t really comprehend.  Because He hurts with us and he wants to draw near and give us something new.

Those heart aches never go away as I am sure that little girl still misses her first cat, but if we allow the Lord to draw near to our broken hearts, we can find Unspeakable Joy in something new.

Because of His fierce love for us.

Draw Near

Sarah Witt, mom of 3 who just happens to be raising her family on the mission field serving God with her husband in Botswana. She is a Revelation Wellness instructor in Botswana and seeing God change the lives of women. Learn more about her and Kevin at Wild Acacia.



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