Why Does God Take So Long?  I Don’t Know, But…

When it comes to finding your love for a lifetime, why does God take so long to set this match up? I don’t know. There are a lot of factors in play here.

However, I have a working thought about this. I’m coaching a wonderful young lady and God sure is taking his time to bring in quality guys for her to date. She’s such a great catch.

Yet in these last two years I can say for sure that she is a much better match than she was two years ago. In these last two years she’s done some hard work redefining her role in her family (she has played the role of The Fixer). She is also creating healthier boundaries between her and her parents and redefining her relationship with her beloved brother. This has been some hard work. She has also matured greatly in her faith. She is involved more in her local church. All of this is preparing her for this love for a lifetime relationship.

I don’t believe for a second that God has withheld from her some honorable men as a condition for her to work on these boundaries. No way do I believe that!  This is where I say I don’t know again. I don’t know why. But it is soooooo good that during this time she is making healthy strides so there is one less “thing” to be tangled in during a healthy growing relationship.

I don’t know why God takes so long. Is this even something we can properly pin on God? There are so many factors in play here. I do know that this gives you continued time to continue your brave living and the discovery of you.

Keep on. Be brave.

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