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It’s a new year. You are feeling a bit hopeful that maybe you will have a new relationship. Maybe this will be the year that God brings someone special into your life.

You already have your team together, right? This is something in your control to prepare you for this hopeful hope that you have.

So bravely ask your team to set you up on dates. Yes, ask them.

Your immediate thought about this pushes that vulnerability button. That fear that one of your team members is going to set you up with someone “wrong.”

Why would one of your team members do that? Seriously? They are on your team for a reason and you put them there. You already believed that they know you and want what is best for you. And they know people you don’t know.

And really, you aren’t doing too well on your own finding dates, right?

Ask for setups. Just get a coffee with that setup. Listen to your team members before and after this coffee date. There is much you can learn about YOU in this process. Your team members want that for you. And really, how bad is this person going to be if one of your team members knows him/her?

Also don’t be ashamed to voice your desire to your team. Do not be embarrassed to ask for setups. Trust your team during this vulnerable process.

I do believe that this may be the year God brings someone into your life. I believe this because I believe you are working on you. You are reading this blog. You are putting this into practice:

“Live your life to the full bravely following after Jesus. Now. As you are living bravely, who is keeping up with you? That is the match for you.”

If you aren’t doing any of this stuff yet, this is the year to start. Go.


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