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Don’t be a single waiting around for life to begin once you get married. Start living your story now. Say “yes” to brave and time-consuming things for God. Besides having great stories to tell (do you need another reason?), you never know who you will meet “along the way.” And this person will probably be attracted to you because you are doing these brave and time-consuming things for God. Because the best way to find your love for a lifetime is to “Live your life to the full bravely following after Jesus. Now. As you are living bravely, who is keeping up with you? That is the match for you.” How are you going to know who is keeping up with worthy you if you are not neck-deep into your story?

Our Global Scavenger wrote this recently on her Joyful blog. Jenny is the one who said “yes” to the Global Scavenger Hunt.” She is the one who asked my brother to join her and he said “yes.” Then she wrote this blog just two weeks after her return. Perhaps she has learned to make room for “yes” in her life?

I remember hearing about the person who said “Yes” to invitations as her New Year’s resolution, and I felt a little like that today.

One of my friends texted me because she was walking up college hill–did I have a reason to join her?

Why, yes! I need vitamin D! (a real excuse? No. But I must mention the weather was BEAUTIFUL).

After work my friend Jen and I went to a networking event. She asked if I wanted to leave and go someplace…less crowded?

Why yes! It would be more important to spend quality time catching up with a good friend than networking with strangers, at least for today.

And once I got home, I saw there was a party in the backyard. My landlords invited me for champagne and snacks. Yes, please!

It was a fun day of 1) saying yes and 2) having no regrets.

**note: I was asleep when I wrote this. I’m surprised that it still makes sense, but “having no regrets” is not the message I would have ended with. Just that there was joy in being spontaneous and spending time with people rather than sticking to the to-do list.

So how do you make room for “yes”?

  • Don’t be in debt. Sometimes unbudgeted funds are needed for a yes. Live your budget so you can have this extra. There is probably a big possibility that if you are in debt now it is because you unwisely said “yes” to too many things or the wrong things. Put the hard work in now and get out of debt. Now. So you can sooner rather than later get back to saying “yes” to the right things—and blessing people in the process.
  • Balance your time schedule. Don’t be one who is always running late or behind. Don’t be one who has to overschedule as a way to validate your value. Your schedule needs to have wiggle room so you can say “yes” as you also maintain your commitments.
  • Live aware. Life your life in such a way that you are continually looking for God’s hand in the present. This is a choice you make. You can figuratively live your life “head down” going about to and fro and not giving much thought to the to and fro. Or you can live your life “head up” actively looking for God’s hand in the present. Which means to live in the holy tension of “do I gift that homeless woman a cup of coffee?” or “do I also sit with that woman?” Or when on that evening walk around your neighborhood do you stop counting your steps and enter into that neighborhood kickball game? Or…when you live aware you will find opportunities to say yes to.
  • Decide to make room. This is a decision, isn’t it? Don’t let Netflix get in the way (it will always be there for you).

So? What will you say “yes” to today?


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