A Prayer for Broken Hearts and Crushed Spirits

From my favorite written prayer daily devotion book (which I’ve repeated reading for 3 years and have given away dozens).  This is especially helpful when you are living in Overwhelmed Land.  From Everyday Prayers by Scotty Smith:

Dated August 17:

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.  Psalm 34:18

Dear Lord Jesus, there is no Saviour like you–none so kind, so compassionate, so merciful, so very close.  The brokenhearted don’t need to “buck up” and be brave when they see you coming.  The crushed in spirit don’t need to pull themselves together, as though you would be greatly disappointed to find us less than conquerors.  

We praise you that the gospel is heaven’s declared end to all pretense and pretending.  Jesus, you have no need for us to be anything other than we actually are.  It’s the proud you know from afar.  It’s those who need your grace to whom you are nearer than the next breath.  This gives us incalculable comfort as we bring ourselves and a wide array of weary friends before you today.

Jesus, we pray for our friends struggling with infertility.  They don’t need any more words; they simply want a baby to love to your glory.  The tragedy of abortion on demand, the growing population of neglected children, and the ever-increasing cost of adoption has strained their sensibilities and faith.  Bring glory to yourself in this and similar stories, Jesus.  And show us how to love well beyond our usual pat answers.

Jesus, we pray for weary friends serving on church staffs or in vocational ministry.  Many of them wake up today disillusioned, depleted, and despondent.  We naively assume some jobs should be beyond the gamesmanship and brokenness we find in other vocational settings.  But sinners save by grace are still sinners, no matter where they work.  Grant wisdom, humility and grace for hard decisions to be made and implemented to your glory.  And where the world, rather than the gospel, seems to be winning the day, grant quick and sure repentances.

Jesus, for those of us who don’t feel crushed in spirit but rather feel discombobulated in spirit, help us to sort through the issues.  Show us what is repentable and what is repairable, and help us quiet our noisy hearts so we can hear you speak.  We need your presence much, much more than we need circumstances and people to change.

Jesus, today and every day, we declare that our hope is built on nothing else, nothing less, and nothing more than you and what you’ve done for us on the cross.  We pray in your near and compassionate name.  Amen.

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