Esther’s Bravery

We are in year 2 of a seven year prison sentence with one of our sons. In year 2 we are seeing an increasingly amount of growth in him! We’ve been through prison sentences with him before but never one this long. But this is what happens when he chose to self-sabotage his life instead of dealing with the shame that has been the voice in his head most of his life. And the secrets that were strangling him. This 7-year sentence from his self-sabotage has cost him quite a bit plus he’s not a young thing anymore to bounce right back into his life.

This is his story to share. As he is putting words to the shame and the secrets he is beginning to put truth into his life. He has started to share some peeks of that with John and I, the parents who took him in at age 12. And he has given me permission to share it with you all. Because this is the beginning of how you live a real brave life–to stop allowing the shame to keep your life a secret.

What has to happen to one in order for their perspective or focus on specifics to bring forth positive changes?

Just today I had this thought after having a conversation that eventually progressed into a heated argument with a man 15 years my senior. We started the discussion talking about the book of Esther and what amazingly happened by God’s hand. What stuck out to this guy I spoke with was that Haman, who was seated above all princes that were with him didn’t know that Esther was a Jew. Yes, Esther being a Jew was the ace in the hole per se, but I charged him to look further into what God did when Esther stepped out in faith.

Read the 10-chapter book of Esther here.

I went on to read chapter 4 when Mordecai revealed Haman’s plans to destroy all of the Jews, including Mordecai, under false pretenses and concealed Mordecai’s discovery of the plots to kill the king to Esther. Mordecai then asked Esther to go before the king pleading their case for the Jews to be spared. The story of Esther then goes on to explain how any man/woman goes before the king into the inner court without being called should be put to death. After being urged by Mordecai that she was needed by her people, she made a very difficult decision to risk her life to save her people.

Her faith and the faith of the Jews encourages me everytime I read it. This is what stuck out to me. Then God getting the glory after the Jews’ prayers were answered was the icing on the cake.

Bravery is very much necessary while following Christ and being obedient to his word. His love displayed in him sacrificing his so we might have eternal life calls for all believers to show the bravery Esther showed in risking her life for her people. God gives us all we need in order to evolve into the followers we are called to be. Thank God for Esther and her obedience to the Holy Spirit for the bravery she showed no matter the risk.

Terrill Weathers

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