The NotOK App

Notice how all those numbers are 1 out of every 2 teens and young adults. Thankfully that same number is also seeking help.

For girls, some newer numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (February 2023) says this is worse. Nearly 1 in 3 teen girls report that they have seriously considered suicide, up almost 60% from 2011. The report also said about 20% of teen girls reported experiencing rape or other sexual violence in the previous year, an increase of 27% over two years. Almost 3 in 5 girls said they felt persistent sadness or hopelessness that interfered with their regular activities, and more girls than boys reported being bullied online or via text messaging.

Lord, hear our prayers.

This app was designed by two teens! One was just 13-years old. Just another reason why teens are so amazing.

Watch this interview with the creator, Charlie Lucas, to learn more about the app. Or to just be amazed by this teen.

Basically this app has a large red button that can be pushed when your teen feels like he/she is not ok. This could be from a test anxiety or feeling danger at a party or physical accident. The notification comes with a GPS location. When this button is pushed a message goes out to these 5 contacts who can then text, call, or go to the teen. Or you can push the button for yourself. This app is not just for teens.

After pushing the button, the user also receives a breathing prompt to help calm you down while you are waiting for the contacts to respond. Just a little thing that is thoughtful.

We repeat here often the importance of giving your teen other adults in his/her life. Because the research says so. Because you also had those special adults when you were a teen. Because you want your teen to take his/her faith into adulthood.

There is no reason for you to be the only voice in your teen’s head.

You are a brilliant parent. But you won’t hold every bit of wisdom for your teen. Nor are you the first whom they want to ask for help from.

You are a brilliant parent. But your teen won’t hear you every time. Especially with the new brain science that finds the developing teen brains tune out the mother’s voice.

A simple and wise parenting move is for you to set your teen up with the best adult voices in his/her life. And then help your teen place them in this app.

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Bonus note:  This same report from Springtide Research found that 58% of BIPOC young people and 52% of white young people say that faith matters for their mental health. Faith matters still. While you are worrying about your teen, keep passing on your faith. And remember #thebravepray.

Psalm 5:1-2

Read the book

A small book about being the people that hurting people need.

“This is the book that I wish I had had for people in my life that have suffered and needed me to be that compassionate friend. This is the book that I wish others in my life had read before they dismissed my pain, or compared it to theirs, or stumbled horribly through trying to lessen my pain because it was actually really about THEM not feeling comfortable with it.”

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