Written Prayer for Those Overwhelmed by Too Much Information

This was written in the midst of COVID-19 and all of the changes our lives are vulnerably awkwardly dealing with. Perspective comes with experience but none of us have any experience with a pandemic.

Our lives are living in a low boil. With fears that we are going to boil over. And burn the ones we are cooped up with.

Maybe a written prayer will help slow your frantic brain down. Now and in the future. Because I’m afraid that being overwhelmed with too much information is going to happen again.

Dear Triune God,

The noise…
There is so much noise in my life.
I feel the need to be present in my life but to do that also invites the noise in and that overwhelms me.

I am aware of more suffering, scandal, anger, hatred, horror than I can handle.
The injustices I see break my heart.
I want to close my heart while I also want to live bravely compassionate.

Jesus, I lean into you.
You are carrying the full weight of this broken world.
You took it upon you on the cross that dark Friday.
You continue to carry it still.

Remind me that you have “this.”
Remind me that you are not overwhelmed by your choice to enter into the brokenness and offer hope. And healing.
Remind me that you are aware of all of this. Of everything.
Remind me that you are actively involved.
Justice and mercy, healing and redemption are your heartbeat so you have never nor will ever turn aside.

I ask you to allow me to see what I need to see.
I ask you to allow me to feel what I need to feel.
I ask you to impress upon my heart what I am to do.
In my daily regular life I will not be overwhelmed because I will focus on how you have the whole world in your hands.

I am one of many willing to risk heartbreak to show your love to this broken world.
I am one of many you are calling all over the world.
I ask you to move upon each of our hearts to bravely and compassionately respond to those needs that intersect our actual lives.
I will do my part to be a part of your redemptive work.

Give me discernment while watching troubling news reports.
Give me discernment to know when to pray,
to know when to speak out,
to know when to respond,
and to know when to simply shut off my screen and to sit quietly in your presence.

I need your presence.

Another prayer you can pray – Morning Prayer of a Brave Soul.


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