Jesus Hears Lots of Crazy Talk

My bestfriend told me that one. It was on the day her husband was diagnosed with cancer. There were a few days between the biopsy and getting the results. She’s a nurse and saw the biopsy results early and knew. Yet didn’t know until the doctor said the words. During those few days her mind raced full of crazy thoughts and crazy prayers about funerals, finances, single-parenting, etc. Thoughts she only shared with Jesus even if it was crazy talk.

Jesus heard it all.

There is the crazy talk Jesus hears when we say those awful and horrible things to ourselves. You know those words you say to yourself that you would never say to anyone else.

Jesus hears that too.

There is the crazy talk of justifying the hustle you are continually justifying.

Jesus hears that too.

There is the crazy talk about self-doubt:  about the fear of making mistakes in your work, your parenting, your relationships. Do you know anyone who has never made a mistake in work, parenting or relationships? Yet you think you are supposed to be above all humanity and never make a mistake. You have decided that the only way you can be of value is to be unhuman. This is where that crazy talk leads you.

Jesus hears that too.

Jesus hears the 107th rendition of the story that doesn’t leave your head about how that one person has wronged you. This is that story that spins and spins and keeps you awake at night.

These thoughts might begin as your prayers. Then they turn into this rambling and jumbling mess of crazy thoughts. You are so tired of this story draining you of so many emotions. You are so tired of not sleeping at night. Jesus hears them all—and draws close to you anyway.

Jesus heard the crazy talk from Nathanael and still called him to be a disciple. Philip went to look for Nathanael and told him, “We have found the very person Moses and the prophets wrote about! His name is Jesus, the son of Joseph from Nazareth.” “Nazareth!” exclaimed Nathanael. “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” “Come and see for yourself,” Philip replied.  As they approached, Jesus said, “Now here is a genuine son of Israel—a man of complete integrity.” John 1:43-45.

What? Jesus called someone who questions so much a man of complete integrity? This is you too, with all of your crazy talk.

Jesus, the one standing before the Father interceding on our behalf gets to hear all of this crazy talk. Jesus is not shocked by you. He never leaves us or abandons us or rolls his eyes at us.

Who then will condemn us? No one—for Christ Jesus died for us and was raised to life for us, and he is sitting in the place of honor at God’s right hand, pleading for us.

Romans 8:34

See, we aren’t even condemned for this.

Jesus listens and draws close to you anyway.

Too often it is you who has chosen to hide in your shame. (Read more.) Jesus never has hidden himself from you.

Why does Jesus love us so when he hears all of this crazy talk in our heads? Will we ever mature? Will we ever really trust him?

The answer is it doesn’t matter. I hope we all mature. I hope (which is why I write and teach) we all make small, deliberate tweaks to our thinking because we choose to give God more credibility than everyone else.

Meanwhile Jesus hears all of this crazy talk.

You are heard. And God does respond. Not with shame or condemnation. But with the larger story of his love so you can make the brave decision to brave decision to brave decision to make those small, deliberate tweaks to your life.

You are heard. God responds. Keep on talking to God.


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