When You are the Liar in the Relationship

You are with a bad match. Your friends and family know it. Your team knows it (you do have a team, right?). Sometimes you know it. Sometimes. Instead of facing the sad ending which needs to be made, you have contorted yourself, you have compromised yourself, you have cried and prayed to God, you have put “what God told me” as more important than what you are discerning, and you have lied over and over to yourself.

You are now the liar in the relationship.

You play this trick on yourself–I will only think of the good parts of him/her trick. Every time you think about breaking up, you begin to miss someone who does not exist. You focus just on the part that you like and fail to look at the whole of the person, which includes the negatives which time has revealed to not be a match for you. You never make the ending because you feel like you are losing something wonderful. But this person you are really in love with does not exist. This is the lie you tell yourself. You are now the liar in the relationship.

Love without truth is a lie.

Too often we will do anything for love, including taking a risk on a relationship where we end up doing all of the work. All of the giving, loving, initiating, planning, forgiving–without getting anything in return. No wonder you have started lying to yourself. Because you are the one who is doing all of the work with so little in return. That is a painful truth to realize.

Proverbs 24:26 simply says An honest answer is a kiss on the lips. You are kissing this person as the liar in the relationship.

You know what you have to do now. You have to make that ending. We are here with you to guide you in making this brave decision. Our tips are actually in two parts because how to make an ending is that important.

By not making this brave decision, you are just wasting your time. You and your time is more valuable than that. Lose the relationship. Don’t lose your dignity.

Besides when you give people clarity, you give them peace and the opportunity to be themselves. Let this one go so he/she can be loved truthfully.

A friend of mine posted this on her social media page. Too funny. Too true.

(photo credit: http://fistfuloftalent.com/2018/06/hr-think-youre-corporate-expert-identifying-deceptive-liars-wrong.html)

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